Junk Clean-up on the Horizon

By: Sam T. Jensen — samj@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa — On Monday, the cities of Humboldt and Dakota City will have their junk clean-up day.

For Humboldt residents, any appliances, television sets, or other electronics will need to have a sticker, which is available at Humboldt or Dakota City Hall. There is a limit of one truckload or junk per residence for Humboldt and Dakota City. There are some stipulations – items not collected will include tires, batteries, items with Freon, paint, shingles, cement, steel, and hazardous waste.

The city of Humboldt is asking residents to place all items curbside by 6 A.M. on Monday, April 29th.

Additionally, items that can fit into a blue or yellow city garbage bag should be placed in such, rather than curbside.