Supervisors Consider Region V Hazmat Truck, Costs

By: Nathan Bloechl —

Humboldt, Iowa — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors discussed an increase in dues for Region V Hazmat in order to purchase a new Hazmat Truck.

The truck’s price point, as board chair Dave Lee mentioned, is over 700,000.

Region V is made up nine different area counties. The counties were presented the truck by Pierce, a company known for making high-end utility vehicles.

With the price, Lee mentioned the possibility of raising the per capita to 1.5 to help offset the costs.

Lee told the board that Humboldt County had 14 hazmat related incidents over the last five years.

Carroll County, also a member of Region V, has only had five.

With that, there was some discussion of them possibly backing out, which would leave the other eight counties on the hook to pick up the slack.

Webster County, on the other hand, has had 86 incidents over the same five year range.

The current truck has broken down on each of the last two calls, Lee mentioned.

There was a consensus of the Board that they would accept the increase, yet no official Board action was taken.