Answers Getting Closer for Supervisors on Dog Controversy

By: Nathan Bloechl —

Dakota City, Iowa — Concerns remain present, but the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors feel like they might have the answers for how to proceed best on a stolen dog that fell into the hands of Humboldt Animal Control Officer Merri Hanson.

Two week ago, Hanson presented the case to the board.

According to Hanson, the dog was stolen from a property in Fort Dodge where it was allegedly getting abused and dropped off at the shelter, unknowingly to Hanson.

Hanson described the dog as a biter and even went as far detailing the dog recently biting a volunteer worker at the shelter.

Hanson told the board that she would not release the animal back to the original owner despite it still being their’s because of the aforementioned mistreatment.

The dog now resides at Dakota City city council member Tim Vought’s home.

Humboldt Supervisor Chairman Bruce Reimers told KHBT, he believes the next step would be the Vought’s adopting the dog, but language changes in the adoption form could be holding that back.

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