Man Appears in Humboldt County Court on Attempted Murder Charges

Humboldt, Iowa — A man who allegedly attempted to run someone over with his vehicle in Humboldt appeared in Humboldt County Court yesterday, according to Iowa Courts Online.

The charged is 35-year-old Nicholas James Bradley, who was taken into custody on Attempted Murder charges stemming from an April incident in which Bradley tried to run over a man.

The criminal complaint states that Bradley was driving a Dodge Durango truck when he allegedly hit or attempted to hit Austin Dean of Humboldt.

Yesterday was Bradley’s initial court hearing in Humboldt County Court.

Judge Greg Stoebe issued Bradley to be held on bond, according to the court report.

Bradley is next due in court on September 18th.

According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau of Iowa, if convicted Bradley could face up to 25 years in prison.