Lee, Conservation Board Prep for Sale of Oxbow Again

By: Nathan Bloechl — nathanb@977thebolt.com

Humboldt, Iowa — Once again, the Humboldt County Conservation Board and Conservation Director Todd Lee will attempt to the sell the Oxbow Property just north of the the Humboldt County Country Club.

Lee was seeking board approval at their meeting yesterday.

The Conservation Board wants to take the proceeds and put them into developing Sheldon Park, in which they’ve purchased an additional 26 acres. Lee believes that could amount to an additional 32 campsites, onto the already established 50 they have.

The campground has been very, very busy” said Lee, Monday.

Explaining the “why” behind attempting to sell again, Lee said that there has been numerous people who have approached him and the board, who have serious interest in purchasing the property. Lee said that the board is hoping to reach, at minimum, a $150,000 sale price.

They will go forward with a sealed bid process for the sale.

In total, the property includes 1.29 acres, with about 40 rentals per year.