Kim Reynolds Dominates Humboldt County, Hubbell Wins Democratic Nominee

By: Nathan Bloechl —

Humboldt, Iowa — The Iowa State Governor race is all set for November. Yesterday several media outlets announced that incumbent Republican Governor Kim Reynolds will be running against Democratic challenger Fred Hubbell who secured his nomination last night.

In Humboldt, Reynolds secured 98% of the republican votes, with seven write-ins.

Fredd Hubbell earned 185 Humboldt County votes, securing 56.92% in total.

Hubbell defeated Cathy Glasson, John Norris, Andy McGuire, and Ross Wilburn. Nate Boulton had dropped out of the race over accusations of sexual misconduct.

Boulton was a hot candidate prior to the misconduct allegations.

Reynolds is the incumbent who dominated the state-wide race as well. She took aim at Hubbell last night at her own town hall following the primary.

He has no idea what it takes to balance the family checkbook” Reynolds exclaimed.

Hubbell is a first-time candidate.