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Local News

Your #1 source for news and information for Humboldt and surrounding communities. Stay informed with daily news updates here, brought to you by Floral Creations.
  • Humboldt Scam

    Authorities in Humboldt are concerned about a new scam that targets people ages 50- 100. The scam begins with a call from someone pretending to be a law official. They state that a family member is in jail and they need to be bailed out. They then proceed to try and get your personal information. This information can be used in a number of crimes. These crimes range from identity theft to social security fraud. Another way that the scam can target you is through Facebook. The offender will hack in to your Facebook account to obtain information about you. They will then pretend to be you and send messages to friends trying to gain information about them. If you are called by someone trying to obtain your information in this way, you are asked to contact the Humboldt law center. Read More
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    KHBT News- Brandy Donaldson Read More
  • Flu and You

    " Its important to get you flu shot to protect your family." Read More

Local Sports

Need a score from a recent Wildcats, college, or professional sports game? Grab the latest sports insights and reporting here.
  • Humboldt High School Volleyball 10/29

    The Humboldt High School Volleyball team closed out their season last night with a 3 set loss to Gilbert. The scores from last night were: Read More
  • Humboldt High School Football

    Humboldt ended their regular season with a 35 to 0 loss against Webster City last night. The overall record was 4-6. Humboldt won 3 of the last 5 games with the 2 losses to 4th ranked Webster City.

    Read More
  • Humboldt High School Football

    The Humboldt High School Football team ended the regular season with a 35-13 victory at Perry on Friday, October 23rd. The team travels to Webster City for the 1st round playoffs on Wednesday, October 28th at 7:00 pm. Read More